NuBeam Review – What Do We Know About These Teeth Whitening Products?

follow latest nubeam 2023 review the fines teeth whitening products with safe formula that dissolve stains, protect teeth, block new stains and boost your overall whiteness after just 1 treatment

NuBeam is a unique teeth-whitening method that promises to give you shinier teeth in 14 days. Every morning, you place strips on your top and bottom teeth. Then, you use the special NuBeam light to improve the strips. Your teeth will be noticeably whiter quickly in a couple of weeks.

Are you curious about how it makes teeth super white? Read more to discover all about NuBeam.

What Is NuBeam?

NuBeam is a modern teeth-whitening system created to help people achieve brighter, whiter teeth without visiting a dentist. It’s more than just a product; it’s a method that combines specially designed strips and a unique light tool to improve the whitening process.

When you think of NuBeam, imagine a two-part approach:

  • Whitening Strips

These are not just any strips; they are designed to be placed on your teeth and aim to target and lift away the stains. Whether from drinking too much soda or coffee or just the natural effects of time, our teeth can become less bright. NuBeam’s strips work to counteract that.

  • NuBeam Light

This isn’t just a regular light. The NuBeam light is a specific tool to boost the whitening strips’ power. Shining on the strips activates certain ingredients, making them work faster and more effectively.

follow latest nubeam 2023 review the fines teeth whitening products with safe formula that dissolve stains, protect teeth, block new stains and boost your overall whiteness after just 1 treatment

Together, these components aim to give noticeable results in about 14 days. The best part? You can use NuBeam in the comfort of your home. There is no need for dentist appointments or lengthy procedures. It’s designed to be user-friendly, meaning most people can use it without problems.

So, in essence, NuBeam is about getting whiter teeth and the convenience and ease of achieving that brighter smile. NuBeam offers two main items for teeth whitening:

The Supersmile Teeth Whitening Kit, which costs $79.00

The Supersmile Teeth Whitening Strips, priced at $49.00

By using these products regularly, you can get a glowing smile. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your teeth feeling weird or getting hurt. The cool part? NuBeam says that by using their products, you can get teeth that are up to 12 times whiter in just two weeks!

Legit or Scam?

Top Reasons To Choose NuBeam

Visible Results Fast

NuBeam stands out because you don’t have to wait long to see a change. After using it just once, your teeth start to show signs of becoming whiter. This quick result can be exciting because nobody likes to wait forever to see if something works. 

Super Bright Teeth In Two Weeks

Now, think about two short weeks. In that short span of time, NuBeam can make your teeth shine so much brighter. We’re talking up to 12 shades whiter in just 14 days! It’s not just a small change; it’s a transformation.

Imagine having a special event in a few weeks – maybe a birthday or a school event. With NuBeam, you can get ready to show off a sparkling smile at that event.

Whitens Lots Of Stains

Our teeth go through a lot. We drink coffee and sip wine, and some people might even smoke. All of these can leave marks on our teeth, making them less shiny. But here comes NuBeam, like a superhero for teeth!

It’s specially made to fight off these common stains. So, even if you have a favorite drink that’s staining your teeth, NuBeam is there to help them return to their shiny state.

Safe And Gentle

Having sensitive teeth or gums is common. It means they can easily feel pain or discomfort. But NuBeam is like a gentle friend. It’s made to be kind, ensuring that it doesn’t hurt or make sensitive teeth feel bad. Plus, it’s designed not to harm the protective layer on our teeth, known as enamel. This layer is super important, so having a product that keeps it safe is a big deal.

Kind And Recommended

Not all products are made kindly. Some might be tested on animals or have ingredients that come from animals. But NuBeam is different. It respects animals, so it doesn’t try on them or use animal stuff. It makes it vegan-friendly.

On top of that, many expert dentists – the people who know a lot about teeth – think NuBeam is an excellent choice. When experts recommend something, it usually means it’s really good.

Why Do Teeth Change Color Over Time?

Teeth are essential for many things, like chewing, talking, and making our faces look nice. The color of our teeth can change how our face looks. Teeth can be white or sometimes a little yellowish. When we’re young, our teeth are lighter, but as we grow older, they can get darker.

Sometimes, the color inside or outside the tooth can change. There are many reasons for these changes. Some changes come from things inside our bodies. It can happen when the tooth grows or after it’s already out. For example, certain things we might take, like some medicines or too much fluoride, can change the tooth’s color from the inside.

Other color changes come from outside, like eating or drinking certain foods or using tobacco. It can cause colors to stick to the tooth’s surface. Some examples include coffee, tea, and wine.

Many people care about how their teeth look, especially the ones in the front. When these teeth change color, it can make someone feel less confident when they smile. People often visit the dentist to help make their teeth look better.

Nowadays, more people want not just healthy teeth but a shiny and bright smile, too. Some surveys have shown that many adults are not happy with their tooth color.

Teeth color matters a lot today. A bright smile can make someone feel really good. But if someone has teeth that are a different color, they might feel bad or worried. They might not want to talk or smile much, affecting their daily lives. Everyone deserves to feel good and confident with their smile.

How Does NuBeam Make Your Tooth Super White?

In today’s world, everyone wants a sparkling white smile. Many products claim to whiten teeth, but NuBeam stands out. So, have you ever wondered how NuBeam does its magic? Let’s discover how NuBeam turns your teeth from ordinary to extraordinary.

NuBeam is a unique teeth whitening system. Its main goal is to make your teeth super white. Imagine a smile that shines bright like the stars! NuBeam can help you get that.

What makes it even more extraordinary is that it’s designed for everyone, even if you’ve never used a teeth whitening kit. The process is easy and straightforward.

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Steps To A Brighter Smile With NuBeam

| Preparing The Strips

The first thing you need to do is take the strips out. NuBeam has made it simple. All you have to do is peel the strips away from the backing. Think of it like taking a sticker off its paper.

| Putting The Strips On Your Teeth

After peeling off the strip, you gently stick it onto your teeth. Think of it as a temporary tooth tattoo. Once they’re on, just relax for an hour. While waiting, you can enjoy a book, catch up on a TV episode, or jam to some tunes.

| Boosting the Whiteness with NuBeam Light

After the 60-minute wait, there’s an extra step to strengthen the magic. Enter the NuBeam light! It isn’t your ordinary light. It has special powers to boost the whitening process. You only need to use it for five minutes. Place the mouthpiece part in your mouth, switch on the light, and let it do its job.

 | See the Amazing Results
Once you’ve finished the steps, it’s time to see them. Look in the mirror and see your brighter, whiter smile. It’s like your teeth had a mini makeover!

How Does NuBeam PVP Strips Work?

NuBeam’s shining star in teeth whitening is its PVP strips. The ‘PVP’ in the name stands for a unique kind of bleach, a different version of hydrogen peroxide. It isn’t the usual bleach you might think of; it’s specialized for teeth.

The best part? It cleans and whitens teeth without causing any harm to the protective layer of your teeth, called enamel.

The Secret Behind NuBeam PVP Strips

The reason why these strips are effective is because of the PVP bleach they contain. This special bleach does two main things:

| Dissolving Stains

Over time, our teeth can get stained from various things we eat or drink. These stains can be hard to remove. But something unique happens when you place the PVP strips on your teeth. The PVP starts a gentle process that melts away these tough stains. It’s like giving your teeth a deep clean.

| Blocking New Stains

Another fantastic thing about PVP is that it’s not just about cleaning but also protection. Once you’ve achieved that shiny smile, the PVP strips help ensure new stains find it hard to stick to your teeth. It’s like having an invisible shield guarding your bright smile.

How To Use NuBeam PVP Strips

  • Applying The Strips: The first thing you do is place the PVP strips on your teeth. As soon as they touch your teeth, they start their work. They begin dissolving those stubborn stains that might have existed for a long time.
  • Let The Magic Happen: After placing the strips on your teeth, you just need to wait. And the waiting isn’t too long; about 60 minutes should do the trick. During this time, the PVP is hard at work, ensuring your teeth get whiter and cleaner.
  • Consistent Use For Best Results: Like many good things, consistency is vital. By using the strips daily, the stains gradually fade away. And in about 14 days, you’ll notice your teeth looking much brighter.

How Does NuBeam Light Work?

NuBeam Light is a unique tool that’s been specially made to make the process of teeth whitening more effective. It’s not just any regular light; it’s an LED mouthpiece. Think of it as a mini flashlight for your mouth that’s specifically designed to help your teeth become whiter.

How NuBeam Light Powers Up Teeth Whitening

  • Pairing With The Strips: The NuBeam light is like a super booster for the NuBeam whitening strips. After you’ve put on the strips and waited a bit, it’s time for the NuBeam light to step in.
  • Lighting Up Your Mouth: First, pop the LED mouthpiece into your mouth. It might feel a little weird, kind of like trying on a new hat. But after setting it right, you switch on the light. That’s when the exciting part begins.
  • The Science Behind The Glow: This isn’t just a regular light. It’s all about science! The LED light gives off a special blue glow. And this blue isn’t just cool to look at; it helps the whitening strips do their job even better.
  • Activating The Strips: The light on does something special to the stuff inside the strips. It’s like adding fuel to a car; it makes it go faster and smoother. In this case, the whitening formula in the strips works harder and dives deep into your teeth. It means it can tackle and melt away the stains on your teeth quicker than if you were using the strips alone.

Because of the combined power of the strips and the light, the results come in fast. After just one treatment with the NuBeam Light, you’ll notice your teeth are brighter. And if you keep at it, your smile will be much, much shinier by the end of two weeks.

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What Research Says About NuBeam’s Teeth Whitening

NuBeam uses something called hydrogen peroxide in their teeth-whitening strips. It’s an ingredient that helps make your teeth shine. When you stick these strips on, they begin to make your teeth look brighter.

And if you use a blue LED light with it, it’s like boosting your superhero! So, you might think, does this make a difference? Let’s check out what the experts believe.

Firstly, hydrogen peroxide is a known teeth-whitening hero. A study in 2012 told us that hydrogen peroxide makes teeth whiter by working on the natural parts of our teeth. The good news is it does this without changing the hard part of our teeth, called enamel. It means it’s safe for our teeth!

Some people even make their mouthwash using hydrogen peroxide and water to make their teeth shine. But using something like NuBeam might be simpler and better for many.

Next, let’s talk about the blue light. After using the strips, NuBeam has a blue light tool that makes the strips work even better. A study in 2021 said that blue light causes teeth-whitening to go faster and better. So, it’s not just a fun light show; it’s a super helper!

follow latest nubeam 2023 review the fines teeth whitening products with safe formula that dissolve stains, protect teeth, block new stains and boost your overall whiteness after just 1 treatment

You might have also seen or heard about blue light for teeth whitening elsewhere. Even big brands like Crest have their blue light tools. These tools shine light into our teeth to fight off yellow marks and improve teeth-whitening products. Some dentists use the same kind of light when they help patients whiten their teeth.

NuBeam also tells us that dentists recommend their products. It means that some dentists have checked out NuBeam, think it’s safe, and believe it does a good job. 

What’s Inside NuBeam’s Teeth Whitener?

NuBeam’s teeth whitener is made up of several unique ingredients. Let’s break down what each one does.

1. PVP K30 & PVP K90: The Binders

  • PVP K30 and PVP K90 are big words for something simple: they help the strips stick to your teeth. Think of them as the “glue” that holds everything together.
  • These ingredients ensure the whitening stuff stays on your teeth and works its magic evenly.
  • They’re safe to use in your mouth, which is good!

2. Glycerin: The Moisturizer

  • Glycerin is a clear liquid that tastes sweet. It has some excellent teeth whiteners.
  • It keeps the strips from getting dry. It means the strips stay wet and work better.
  • Glycerin also makes the strips smooth and easy to put on your teeth.
  • Plus, it helps keep your mouth and gums from getting too dry. That means a more comfortable whitening time!

3. Other Ingredients

Hydroxyethyl cellulose, aqua (which is just water), ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, and menthol are also in the mix. Each one plays its own part to make NuBeam work great. All these ingredients come together to give you a brighter smile!

Some Additional Features Of NuBeam

There are so many choices when it comes to making your teeth whiter. So, what makes NuBeam special? Let’s dive into the amazing features:

  • Backed by Science: According to their website, NuBeam’s ingredients are supported by independent clinical trials, ensuring they work as promised to brighten your smile.
  • Safe Ingredients: While some products use harmful chemicals, NuBeam avoids them. There are no PEG, SLS, or other harmful compounds, making it a safer choice for teeth whitening.
  • Dentist Approved: Multiple dentists have given NuBeam their seal of approval. They’ve checked its safety and effectiveness, endorsing its use for various types of teeth.
  • Free Shipping Bonus: If you shop on NuBeam’s site and buy stuff over $50, they’ll send it to you without any shipping cost. That’s a nice bonus!
  • Progress Tracking: With NuBeam, you get an excellent teeth shade guide. It lets you see how much whiter your teeth are getting. Many users report seeing changes after just one day. The company claims its product can make teeth up to 12 shades brighter in two weeks.
  • Ease of Use: Using NuBeam is a breeze. You can wear the strips whether watching TV, working, or relaxing. They’re so comfortable that you might even forget they’re on.

What Do Customers Say About NuBeam?

I used NuBeam for the first time and was impressed. The strips were comfortable, and I relaxed and watched a movie while using them. The process was seamless, and I’m eager to continue using them. – Kayla Tran.

After just a week with NuBeam, my teeth look much whiter. It works faster than anything else I’ve tried. I’m thrilled with the speedy results. – Darla Miles

I’m always careful about products for my teeth. But with NuBeam, I feel good knowing the ingredients are safe. It’s great there’s no bad stuff in it. – Luke Cunningham

At my last dental check-up, my dentist talked about NuBeam. When an expert recommends something, it boosts my confidence. I gave it a shot and have loved it ever since. – Clarence Robinson

What I appreciate about NuBeam is how upfront they are. They share all the ingredients. It’s nice to see a brand be so honest.- Angela Olson

I got a sweet deal with NuBeam’s free shipping. The product is of excellent quality, making it worth every penny. It’s affordable and gives fantastic results. – Miguel Keller

The teeth shade guide is a genius addition. I can compare and track how much whiter my teeth get each day. It’s been motivating and fun to see my progress.- Lorraine Fields

I was initially wary about the comfort of the strips. But they’re so lightweight that I forget I’m wearing them. NuBeam has made the process painless and easy. – Elena Mcbride

After two weeks, my smile transformation is evident. Friends have commented on how much brighter my teeth look. Seeing such a noticeable difference in such a short time has been excellent. – Joyce Webb

It’s so simple to use, the results are fantastic, and the quality stands out. I’ve tested other brands, but NuBeam truly stands out from the rest. – Stanley Hill

NuBeam Shipping & Refund Policy

NuBeam offers two different kits to make your teeth shine bright. You can choose the one that fits your needs the best.

Complete NuBeam Kit: This has everything you need for a bright smile. It costs $79.00, and the good news is they’ll send it to you without any shipping charge.

NuBeam Whitening Strips Only: If you want the strips, it costs $49.00. But remember, you’ll have to pay a bit extra for shipping.

No matter which kit you pick, you’ll get 14 strips and a particular chart. This chart helps you see the change in the color of your teeth.

What is the main difference between the two kits? Only the complete kit has the extraordinary NuBeam Light. This light makes the gel on the strips work even better, giving you super white teeth.

Here’s NuBeam’s assurance for you. No stress if you use their product and think it’s not the right fit! They provide a 60-day refund promise. So, within two months, if you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back. They do this because they truly trust their product.


Avoid consuming dark-colored foods or beverages immediately after using teeth whitening strips. After application, your teeth's pores remain open for a few hours, increasing the risk of staining from dark-hued items.

Certainly, brushing post-whitening aids in removing excess agent and mitigating teeth sensitivity.

Absolutely, LED lights enhance teeth whitening by activating the hydrogen peroxide, efficiently brightening smiles.

Most whitening strips effectively eliminate surface stains, but misuse can be detrimental. Opt for dentist-approved whitening strips only.

Wrapping Up And Prices

NuBeam is a top choice for those looking to brighten their smiles from the comfort of their homes. Born from a vision to make top-quality teeth whitening affordable for everyone, this brand has brought dental clinic results to your doorstep.

Backed by dentists globally and a part of the reputable Wolfson Brands family, NuBeam is more than just a product – it’s a commitment to helping you wear your brightest smile. Every time you beam those pearly whites, remember that with NuBeam, that confident, radiant smile is just a few days away.

Smile, it looks good on you!™   

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