NooCube Review [Updated] – One Of The Most Stimulating Nootropics Ever Made

Focus and concentration are very important in daily life, especially when your job or occupation requires good analytical skills and full attention.

Imagine, you keep struggling to stay focused at work and your mind wanders due to low cognitive control. As a result, you failed to meet a deadline and got the sack. In order to avoid this from happening, there is one proven way to help you enhance your brain’s performance. It’s called nootropics. 

The human brain is the most complex entity we know. People take multiple measures to prevent brain injuries. More and more are beginning to learn about nootropic supplements as new products continue to roll out to the market.

NooCube, however, is the pioneer in the industry. The supplement was introduced over 5 years ago and has conquered thousands of customers and gained popularity in the entire nootropic community.

NooCube claims to be the most stimulating nootropic whose research took skilled neurologist decades to complete.

Years of researching was done to find high-quality elements that are safe yet powerful just to achieve that perfect mix and come up with an amazing mind booster.

This is a high-class brain supplement that aims to improve your cognitive abilities along with mental health and wellbeing. A lot of time was put into clinical trials to generate the wanted effect. And now, it is available to us. But does it actually work? 

Let’s find it out!

NooCube Review

Overall Rating – 4.8 out of 5.0 stars


  • Contains eye and brain nutrients
  • Deals with brain fatigue
  • Science-backed ingredients
  • Reviewed by 200,000 customers

Legit or Scam?

How Does NooCube Work?

One might wonder what exactly does NooCube do?

Have you ever tried feeling sluggish in your work output? Times when you feel like your brain isn’t really quick enough for a task? 

Well, 1-2 pills and give it 20 minutes, NooCube can take you to a mental state of clarity and heightened focus. The effect may last for the next 8-10 hours. 

With these improved abilities, your cognitive mind is, simply put, upgraded.You are much more aware of everything, react faster with what is happening around you, and get a clear focus on anything you do. 

With NooCube in your body, your brain will be quick enough for whatever it is you need to do.

Again, after taking this supplement, you will be able to: 

  • Improve focus
  • Stop brain fog
  • Mentally recharge and refocus
  • Speed up reaction time
  • Increase awareness
  • Boost memory

Pros And Cons


  • Greater concentration and better focus on tasks
  • Enhances communication clarity
  • Helps think better during stressful situations
  • Caffeine-free
  • GMP-certified, FDA-registered facilities
  • Money back guarantee


Active Ingredients

Ingredients alone and the time it took to research and test these drugs, should be enough to prove that this is a well thought of drug. They even found out a way to skip caffeine, which is commonly found in almost all supplements, and still keep you alert.

They believe that even though caffeine is very capable of keeping you on your toes, they don’t help you become productive at all. 

Excluding them from the recipe is actually a smart move, since they tend to produce anxiety too. Without caffeine, you can avoid unnecessary jitters that only draw you away from what you need to do.

Alpha GPC

Acetylcholine is a chemical stimulant that carry messages to and from different brain cells. They support the brain’s ability to concentrate, learn and memorize, gaining the name learning neurotransmitters.

Alpha GPC multiplies the acetylcholine levels in our brain, therefore boosting its abilities as listed above. Clinical studies display its effectiveness in boosting cognitive functions that it can probably treat Alzheimer’s.

noocube brain supplement 2022 is one of the most stimulating nootropics ever made to improve focus, memory and mental activity

Huperzine A

Acetylcholine is broken down by what we call acetylcholinesterase (AChE) that might have adverse effects to our goal. To counteract that, NooCube uses Huperzine A extracted from a moss plant.

This ingredient functions to inhibit acetylcholinesterase which cuts back the AChE activity. That’s not even the best part. Aside from limiting the (AChE), it also helps in the production of acetylcholine.

noocube brain supplement 2022 is one of the most stimulating nootropics ever made to improve focus, memory and mental activity

Cats Claw

These are ingredients found in the Amazon forest, a vine likewise, called Uncaria tomentosa. They help on the production of antioxidants that cleanse our bodies from toxins. Likewise, they also protect our cells from being damaged.

Toxins are destructive elements that target cells and cause deterioration to our cognitive abilities. Through cat’s claw, NooCube  helps prevent this destruction, especially during old age. It is believed that Cat’s claw can help avert Parkinson’s disease.

Bacopa Monnieri

This Indian herb holds bacosides, elements that aid in reviving deteriorated neurons. Moreover, they stimulate nerve growth. These functions bolster the connection of neurons in our brain which is necessary for our mental health and cognitive performance.

If our neurons are impaired, they cause significant slow down in our brain’s mental processes.

noocube brain supplement 2022 is one of the most stimulating nootropics ever made to improve focus, memory and mental activity

Oat Straw 

NooCube, being a drug of the new age, includes Avena Sativa or commonly known as oat straw, in their formula. According to folk medicine used during the middle ages, these wild green oak extracts boost our brains.

They build up alpha-2 waves that are naturally produced from the occipital lobe when we experience wakefulness. Alpha 2 waves help in treating inflamed arteries. Ingesting oat straw tricks the body into thinking your arteries are inflamed thus, improving its production. Ergo, there is a healthier blood flow supplying more oxygen to our brain.

noocube brain supplement 2022 is one of the most stimulating nootropics ever made to improve focus, memory and mental activity


This is a type of amino acid, which is responsible in helping you relax but let you stay alert. They help alleviate stress and at the same time spark your neurotransmitters in order to work.


This is another form of amino acid used in NooCube for its role in the production of two neurotransmitters. They help increase dopamine, chemicals that supports your body’s learning skills, attention to your surroundings, body movement, and your emotional responses. 

L-Tyrosine generates noradrenaline, sometimes call norepinephrine and widely known as the “stress hormones”. These are produced by our bodies in response to stress that assists us during situations where we need to think clearly.

noocube brain supplement 2022 is one of the most stimulating nootropics ever made to improve focus, memory and mental activity

During the year 2011, volunteers then were given l-theanin extracts with green tea for 16 full weeks. These have shown both improved attention and memory functions. Test with l-tyrosine on the other hand, enhanced the brain’s capacity for jumping from one topic to another. They’ve proven a one can have a quicker mind with the help of L-tyrosine.

All of these powerful ingredients are brought together to create NooCube and are important for its effectiveness. Basically, with all these in one pill, NooCube becomes a stimulator for four of the most important neurotransmitters responsible for making our brains work.

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How Long Does It Last?

As people age, they expect to lose their brain power. But “slips of the mind” can be avoided with the help of Noocube. The brain supplement works to keep your mind sharp, brain function boosted and focus improved. 

Dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline are the three neurotransmitters that play a vital role in keeping us awake and alert. NooCube gives your brain the necessary vitamins and amino acids and other essential nutrients to help generate those compounds. This also boosts your blood circulation and eliminates inflammation in the brain.

The fist effects hit your brain almost instantly after taking one of the pills. People that take the supplement regularly have their energy levels improved at all times. Noocube will also help to get your concentration back and feel mentally sharp, especially when you manage a busy schedule.

The overall effect may last for 8 to 10 hours, which is plenty of time to make the most of your workday and achieve many things. The more you take it, the better results it gives you. Noocube is focusing on your brain health to make certain you’ll be able to process and recall information faster, and execute habitable tasks with a minimum of mental effort. 

Why Do People Take NooCube?

Everyone wants to become productive, efficient, creative. Everybody wants to be better. NooCube helps us become an improved version of ourselves. When you go to work, your concentration will improve. You won’t easily forget things. You’ll have heightened awareness, making you perceptive of things around you.

You might think everything is too good to be true. It must have some side effects. Every drug affects our body albeit differently. NooCube is ultimately an organic supplement.

With years of research behind it, NooCube has striven to minimize side-effects for our safety. First thing to do when you decide to take the supplement is to ease yourself in. Take small doses in the beginning to test if you are allergic or sensitive to the drug.

If you are confident that you can take the drug, then you can take higher doses. From the time NooCube was released for consumption, the only thing users have complained about are stomach aches.

The NooCube Benefits

Benefits of taking Noocube are countless. Here’s just a few most important ones your body will enjoy if you finally decide to buy the product.

| Improved Memory

Every one of us wants to have an ability to better recall information. This may include simple things like memorizing names and faces or more complex objects such as statistical tests and numeric algorithms.

Life is obviously getting harder if there’s a need to have things repeated frequently. Hopefully, NooCube helps with memory decline, and enhances mental speed too. 

| Improved Focus

No matter what your job or industry is, you are supposed to set goals for when you want to finish a task. If you struggle to concentrate on a job for long periods, your productivity deteriorates and so does your efficiency.

To stay on top of things, you should give NooCube a try. With this nootropic, you can find your optimal work environment and boost productivity.

| Reduced Stress and Anxiety

NooCube helps your body handle stress and anxiety much better. Too much cortisol and adrenaline in the blood may lead to insomnia, rapid weight gain and many other health problems.

The brain supplement’s formula aims to balance your body out, strengthen the immune system and improve general health. 

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How To Take It?

noocube brain supplement 2022 is one of the most stimulating nootropics ever made to improve focus, memory and mental activityWhen you finally decide to try the supplement, you will need to remember these instructions. Each bottle sold contains 60pills of NooCube.

These should be ingested during breakfast every morning. As advised to help avoid side-effects, go slow. A pill a day should start you off, then when your body has adjusted, you can gradually increase the number along the way. You can go up 3 to 4 pills a day when you think your body can accommodate that many.

Among these numbers of advantages, there are some difficulties to be had with NooCube. There are two actually. One, it isn’t cheap. Right now, a bottle with 60 pills can cost you about $65. Regular dosage of 2 pills per day will last this only a month. Aside from that, you can’t buy the product anywhere. It’s only sold through their online shop. This makes availability a bit difficult.

What Do Customers Say?

A wide array of online reviews and customer feedback consistently share a unanimous sentiment about NooCube’s efficacy. Beyond this consensus, the testimonials from NooCube customers and the brand’s comprehensive reviews highlight the affirmative effects of this brain-enhancing supplement on users’ lives.


After thorough assessment, NooCube has emerged as the victor in many evaluations, offering a top-tier substitute to Adderall. This alternative places a premium on mental clarity, focus, and brain health. Notably, NooCube diverges from Adderall by emphasizing holistic well-being through its well-balanced formula.

Absolutely, NooCube has demonstrated its potential in addressing a range of ADHD-associated symptoms. It effectively enhances focus, concentration, mental energy, cognitive capabilities, mental lucidity, memory retention, and more.

It's important to note that while NooCube cannot cure ADHD, it does offer a means for individuals to alleviate their daily symptoms.

The onset of NooCube's effects varies based on factors such as age, genetic makeup, and lifestyle choices. Typically, users can anticipate experiencing the benefits within the initial days of consistent consumption. To fully harness NooCube's advantages, it's advisable to incorporate it into your routine for a span of 3 to 6 months.

NooCube is formulated using naturally sourced, extensively recognized, and scientifically validated components. As of now, there are no documented side effects associated with its usage.

However, due to individual differences in brain chemistry, personal responses may differ. It's prudent to seek guidance from your healthcare professional before incorporating NooCube into your routine.

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The Bottom Line

Conclusively, NooCube is one of the most stimulating nootropics ever made. When matched with other drugs, NooCube has always shown substantial benefits. With the way we live today, we need to be more of everything.

We need to be able to cope with stress, tiredness, pressure. Most of the time, what we eat cannot give us enough nourishment that can optimize our brain function, making everything hard.

Want to be greater than what you already are? Two of these a day will surely give you the lift you need to become more productive, more efficient, more creative and basically a better version of yourself.

Are you not able to handle stress that much? This can help you relieve stress.  NooCube, definitely elevates the quality of life. It’s the pill without limits, the pill with endless possibilities.

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