3 Best Steps to Enhance Brain Function

Your brain contains 100 trillion nerve cells called neurons. Sometimes you forget something fundamental, and it can have dramatic consequences. When you get older, your nerves get older too. How can you enhance your brain function naturally?

To improve your memory, you need to understand how it works, and who facilitates it. Also, how your mind works.

How to physiologically enhance brain function?

The brain is an extraordinary organ, which includes two hemispheres. The left side of our brain represents analytical hemisphere, the seat of language.  The right side represents the intuitive visual hemisphere, perceiving the whole before the details. The frontal lobe is the intellectual executive that coordinates all operations. The temporal lobes shelter the olfactory and auditory senses in addition to the hippocampus.

What happens when you get older?

When the body’s overall metabolism decreases, as it does with aging, the brain’s electrical waves also age.


The processing of stimulus information responds to the choice of a stimulus, becoming aware of it and strengthening it facilitates recording and reminding the degree of information processing, for example becoming aware of both rational, emotional responses, ensures a better record of memories. The better the recording, the better the reminder.

The storage of the passive, active three-layer system and the tent reflects the frequency of use of the recorded material, hence the importance of visual memory because it illustrates here the process of retaining the storage of memories.

Memory is imperfect because it is subjectively malleable memories undergo changes each time they are recalled, and forgetting is an integral part of its mechanism. The good news your mind can be enhanced, and you can improve it and boost your brain cells naturally. 

What can you do to stop the deterioration of your cells brain?

At the basis of any memory effort, there is a need or interest.

Concentration is supported by the attention, and without it, memories cannot be recorded. The degree of concentration plays an essential role in the memorization process.

We can schematize the chain as follows:

Need – motivation – attention – concentration – organization

If you have no NEED, you can have MOTIVATION and no ATTENTION and so on and so forth.

You can start exercising your brain.  You can find several applications that can help you with small exercises, tests, and little games. Check them out on App Store.

Neuronation, Brainilis, MemBrain

You can start taking vitamins to improve memory. Mother nature gave us the best ingredients for brain health. What I am about to share with you has been proven scientifically.

What kind of natural vitamins can I take?

We suggest that you take natural nootropics, in another world natural smart drugs. They will drastically improve our brain cells and highly enhance your brain function. They are used to boost memory, focus, creativity, intelligence, and motivation.

Best natural ingredients that are a natural booster for your brain.


Ginkgo biloba, a popular supplement, which is widely known as the maidenhair tree, found in fossils millions years ago and has remained the only species in Chinese medicine of the Ginkgophyta division.

Skilled neurologists claim that ginko biloba helps in improving cognitive fuction as it boost blood flow in brain and protects from neuron damage. On the other hand, there’s a believe that ginkgo doesn’t aim to enhance brain function among healthy humans. 

Anyway, his efficiency has been proved in differences studies. 300mg per day is a good start.


Ginseng, a top-selling herbal supplement, has been used in ancient medicine for many centuries. This slow-growing root is probably the best antioxidant you can find your brain performance as well as source of natural energy. It helps boost your immunity, increases brain power and maintain strong mental activity, and lower fatigue. (See also: 10 things you should know about Ginseng)

 Best : 200mg to 400mg per day. One or two pills

Here’s the best-kept secret: There is one new nootropics stack which is natural, 100% from plants, contains ginseng and ginkgo, L-theanine, best focus liquid supplements on the market, and taste pineapple. Brain Me Up is a pouch that includes 100% what your brain needs. No weird things and it is super convenient.

One pouch = 30ml. Easy to carry-out.

It is liquid and can get in your back pocket of your trousers. So you do not need to think harder on your pills per day. Learn more about the newest nootropics enhancers: Brain Me Up.


To be careful is to be attentive. There is a paradox in memory, the more you try to remember something, the more you try to remember it.

The reason? It is an interference with the voltage to be careful is to be careful.

Not being able to remember it will then increase the tension and anxiety so much that it will make the situation painful that it will prevent you from giving a correct answer. I discovered that the more I proceeded in the effort to remember and then I needed relaxation and not concentration as we usually understand it. In this situation,  you have to learn to relax to increase your attention. Focus is often confused with tension.

Your brain is like a motor, you can drive 8 hours straight, but you will need to stop to get back on track.

Relaxation improves attention: It allows the cause necessary to focus and concentrate.

The deep rhythmic breathing eliminates excess tension and opens the way to better concentration.

We suggest meditation, inhale exhale, deep breathing, yoga, listening to music, or even better, listening to water drop, ocean sounds. There are thousands of apps providing a session of sounds relaxation for free. Please take a look at our selection:

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