10 Benefits of Stretching

top 10 benefits of stretching that muscles flexible, strong, and healthy helps improve blood circulation and range of motion for better posture

If you are a fitness freak then the title of this article would surely attract you.

Fitness nowadays is a very trending culture with no bondages of age and profession. Fit and healthy body leads to overall personality development and well being. Maintaining fitness requires a lot of effort like exercise, yoga, and participation in sports, gymming, swimming and many more. But all these activities start with a basic custom of STRETCHING.

STRETCHING is not just limited to initial warm up exercises, but it covers a complete movement of the body parts and warming up of joints to prepare the body for a complete rehearsal of your fitness plan. 

Benefits of Stretching

A lot of people today have become more concerned about their physical fitness, but it requires proper guidance and effective training to start seeing the results of the workouts. In fit and healthy body lies the key for mental strength and personality development. STRETCHING allows you to easily find this way. 

Here are some benefits of stretching to remind you what magnifies its significance in brief.

1. Prepares Body For Today’s Training Plan

Stretching prepares you for your training plan. It helps in activating your body parts, your every muscle and joints to perform as per your full potential. It prepares your body and mind to start today’s fitness session and helps in enhancing your performance during the workout itself.

2. Reduces the Risk of Injury

Training requires a definite flow for upgrading your level of fitness and strength and injury comes with a break that disturbs that flow. Here comes the role of stretching – it helps to prevent injures when you exercise. With the help of stretching you can prepare your body for maintaining its momentum during the training hours. It also increases the level of shock absorption.

3. Makes Body Muscles Flexible and Agile 

If you want to improve your body’s flexibility and agility stretching is the key. Flexible body is very adaptive for every movement with ease. Agility enhances your performance and flexibility increases your range.

4. Keeps You Calm and Active

Stretching helps your body to relax and keeps your body and mind calm. It enhances your mental strength and uplifts your confidence in performing your task. It keeps you stress-free and well charged. Positive and confident attitude increases your level of performance.

5. Improves Muscle Strength and Endurance

If you want to work on your capacity development, stretching plays the key role here. It helps in raising your strength and endurance to the next level. Stretching is also important in uplifting your potential for rapid flexibility gains. 

6. Enhances Body Posture 

Stretching works great at softening back pain resulting in a better alignment of your body aka posture. It makes you look more attractive and fit. Posture and body mechanics are very important to help you start exercising in the most effective manner. 

7. Copes With Sore Muscles After Physical Activity

One of the foremost advantages of stretching is that it helps to prevent post exercise ache and stiffness. It relieves your body from the pain of hardly performed training and absorbs the stiffness which keeps you active and calm throughout the day.  

8. Pre Workout Calorie Burner

Even short stretching session can improve your weight loss program in several different ways.  The best thing about it is that you don’t have to do it very often to enjoy the benefits – stretching keeps your body in good shape and improves the range of motion in your joints. 

9. Good Form & Fitness Technique

Every fitness exercise or sports training needs both physical and mental preparation. To achieve certain progress in your fitness level you’d need to look for an effective skill set, proper form, and perfect technique. This can be achieved by practicing stretching regularly before starting your daily fitness plan.

10. Improves Your Personality

When it comes to personal growth and development, regular stretching exercises have undeniable benefits for physical, mental and psychological well-being that undoubtedly contribute to learning.   

How to Stretch, When to Stretch

First off,  you must have a daily schedule for your fitness plan or training.

Move on with your complete kit and get ready for the exercise. Start with a little warm up; go for a slow jog for some time.

After warming up your body you can move forward to your stretching session.

Stretching starts with your lower body i.e. feet, gently moving ahead, giving time to your every muscle and joint and end up with the side head tilts.

Types of Stretching

Knowing a plenty of stretching techniques for better flexibility, many people are getting confused on the difference and how each one should be executed. Cutting trough the confusion, below is the 2 most common stretching exercises. 

Static Stretching

One of the most known types of stretching where you actually stand or lie still and hold the muscle group in one position for a period of time, usually up to 45 sec.

That could be:

  • Standing jump, ankle stretch, hamstring stretch
  • Calf stretch, belly stretch, standing feet touch
  • Over the head triceps stretch, bicep stretch, butterfly stretch 

Dynamic Stretching

As the name implies, dynamic or active stretching involves continuous movements where joints go through a full range of motion, aka motion stretching. In other words, you mimic the movements of the sports and other physical activity.

That could be:

  • Slow jog, running on the spot , side shuffle
  • Carioca, walking knee to chest, lunge walk with twist
  • Straight Leg Kick, heel-to-rear jog power, skip plus reach 

Kick-start Your Day With Stretches

It’s the time now you must understand the significance of stretching in your training. Give it a proper time and practice it regularly while going for your training session. Stretching is a valuable and result oriented exercise and its practice leads you to the next level of your fitness.  

Fitness plays a key role in keeping your body and mind healthy. Let’s give it a new direction, let’s start your session with a complete stretching.

All the best!

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